Case Study: Beech Mountain Resort – 2023 Summer Concert Series Marketing Overview

Meta Digital Ads
Meta Digital Ads
Since 2022, the Loch & Key team has assisted Beech Mountain Resort with its Summer Concert Series marketing and beyond.
In 2023 and 2024, we stepped in to handle the coordination of cross-platform promotion of the event with each artist’s marketing and management team, managed organic social media, assisted with graphic design, and executed a sophisticated digital ad strategy to promote the individual concert dates, the series as a whole, and the overall experience.
An interesting challenge we faced was properly marketing the monthly series, while also promoting a new special 3-day mini festival. We aptly named it "Party on the Mountain," and designed a sub-brand that complimented the summer series branding but also drew attention to the fact that it was a full weekend event.
The client walked away with 4x their return on ad spend, a handful of sold-out shows, a boost in summer revenue, and strong retargeting audiences for future promotion.

Social Media Support

Services Provided:

  • Marketing Coordinating
  • Creative Direction
  • Social Media Support
  • Digital Ads
  • Graphic Design
  • Street Team Coordination

Graphic Design Support

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Graphic Design Support

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