UT Haslam College of Business

Journey Videos


After finishing up a series of videos on the various Professional MBA programs at UT’s Haslam College of Business, their marketing team decided they wanted to do a deeper dive into three of the featured students’ stories. Their goal was to create relatable, story-driven pieces that would convince interested students that they too could achieve their MBA while working full time. All three students had very different backgrounds, lifestyles, and career paths, and all were graduating in just a few weeks.


Time was of the essence, because of the students’ packed schedules, we were limited to just one half-day shoot with each of them. One student lived in Atlanta, her half-day shoot would have to be the morning of her graduation. By also incorporating footage from previous shoots that semester and scheduling an additional day of b-roll on campus, we were able to creatively show each person’s journey through their Professional MBA Program in a compelling and relatable way. The final product was three unique recruitment pieces that each tell a professional success story, and the series has become a key part of the college’s marketing materials.