Second Harvest

COVID-19 showed us just how vital food banks are to our communities


As the COVID-19 pandemic began to take hold in early 2020, so many Americans found themselves in a position of need they had never experienced before. With much of our production on hold, we wanted to put our gear and our skills to good use and so we reached out to our local food bank, Second Harvest, and asked how we could help them. They were incredibly responsive and we immediately started brainstorming together. The concept needed to be simple and something we could shoot safely, but it still needed be impactful as they desperately needed donations and other support.


We wrote a script that could be shot 100% in our studio with a small crew and used props to illustrate the facts and figures they wanted to highlight in the voiceover. This concept required our art department to shine and director Doug Griffey did a wonderful job of choreographing the action to make it look like a single take. Not only did we want this spot to serve their most immediate needs, but we also wanted to assemble it in such a way that it could be easily modifiable for the future as their stats changed over time. Sure enough, we had to update the video a few months later as demand for the food pantry continued to skyrocket. This video continues to be a wonderful tool for Second Harvest and will become a fixture of their No Empty Plates fundraiser for years to come.