Lincoln Memorial University | Brand Video

More than just a school…


Lincoln Memorial University wanted to completely refresh their brand video, making it more focused on the student experience. However, because of both time and budget constraints, we needed to be very creative about how we approached it, showing the full scope of the student experience and encouraging prospective students to give LMU consideration.


We had previously shot a series of commercials with LMU at both their Harrogate and Knoxville campuses, each of which focused on a different student and highlighted various aspects of the academic and social experience. Because we had significant extra b-roll from each of these shoots, we were able to do additional interviews these students targeted for the brand video, thus giving us a huge pool of footage to pull from with minimal extra shoot days. One of the best things about shooting multiple projects with a client is that each new project adds to a library of footage that can help make every following project better. In the end, we not only covered academics, athletics, student organizations, and the region, but we also captured why students love being a part of LMU.