Engie | Jumbo Hill Wind Project

Chronicling the installation of a Texas-sized wind farm.

The Opportunity

ENGIE US Renewable Energy wanted our team to document the construction process at the new Jumbo Hill site, similar to what we have done for them on multiple sites across the country. Our crews would capture every milestone, from the concrete pouring of the foundations to the stacking of the turbine components. We’d also visit the surrounding area to interview people about ENGIE’s economic impact(EI) on their community. The site visits were to be incredibly fast-paced and would require extensive planning and coordination to ensure everything was captured both beautifully and on schedule.  

The Solution

Capturing the construction process took us over a year to finish. Our team strategically scheduled each trip to both capture construction b-roll, local interviews, and the footage that would allow us to tell a really engaging story of Economic Impact. In the end, the entire Jumbo Hill Project contained over eight video deliverables and countless photos that not only captured the construction process but highlighted the true nature of ENGIE’s goal; to be stewards of the land and spread green energy globally.