Downtown Knoxville | Visit Safely

Sweet as Dolly; Rebellious as Hank

The Opportunity

Our team was editing some pieces for Downtown Knoxville and we realized something wasn’t quite right. Our world looked a little different in 2020 in the midst of a pandemic: people were farther apart now, there were fewer crowds, people wore masks and preferred to eat outside, and so on. Our library of existing footage we’ve shot with them didn’t reflect that. We knew we needed to create new content that showcased all of that, while still staying true to the organization’s mission of getting people to come and enjoy downtown Knoxville. They wanted to create a lifestyle/tourism piece that was both an invitation and an assurance that Downtown Knoxville is still filled with things to do in this new world, and that there continue to be myriad ways to support businesses and shop local.

The Solution

Obviously, shooting during a pandemic with a mid-sized crew on a multi-day shoot has its challenges, but we ensured our talent and team took all necessary precautions to remain as safe as possible. Through our connections around the community, we were able to source locations that offered beautiful outdoor and indoor shots where our talent could be appropriately distant from one another. 

We ended up providing Downtown Knoxville multiple cuts of this piece: a 30-second broadcast television commercial that also served as a buzz piece on their social media, newsletter, and website; a 75-second anchor piece that was also used by businesses throughout the district to complement their own marketing efforts by assuring the public that Downtown Knoxville is safe to visit; and, various other cutdowns for use as website headers or additional social content. We also provided both our client and featured businesses in their district a large bank of photos and stills to utilize across their social media.