Downtown Knoxville | Sales Tools

A close look for potential property owners to see the growth and vibrancy happening in Downtown Knoxville.


Knoxville’s Central Business Improvement District wanted to provide valuable tools for downtown real estate developers and realtors that would best sell this prime and booming urban real estate. The CBID wanted to demonstrate through video the incredible growth that has happened over the past decades both through beautiful visuals and from actual business owners and influencers who inhabit these spaces. After thoughtful consideration, the final result was two videos; one focused on the advantages of having a retail storefront within the CBID and the second, focusing on why a prospective company should start-up or relocate to Downtown Knoxville.


In addition to having shot copious events and other content in downtown Knoxville for as long as we’ve been in business, we are also very immersed in the culture of downtown and felt passionate we could deliver a product that accurately showcased the heart of our city. We worked alongside the CBID every step of the way beginning with determining what the focus of these videos would be, which items to highlight in the videos that would prove to be most appealing for prospective buyers or businesses, and identifying the major influencers and retail store owners who could best tell their own stories of downtown’s renaissance. These two videos were incredibly well-received by Knoxville and continue to be very effective marketing and sales tool for the city as they continue their recruitment of businesses.