Covenant Health Physician Recruiting | Cumberland Medical Center

Recruiting doctors to a small-town Tennessee hospital by focusing on quality of life


Covenant Health came to us with an interesting problem – they were looking to persuade doctors to relocate to one of their hospitals in small-town Tennessee. They asked us to create a video that would dispel any stigmas against the area and help encourage doctors from around the world to come see the region for themselves.


After speaking with several doctors who had relocated themselves, we found the overwhelming deciding factor for them was the wonderful quality of life available in East Tennessee. Thus, we focused on the remarkable natural beauty of the area, its proximity to several lakes, the surprising number of golf courses nearby, the strong sense of community that makes it a perfect place to raise a family, and the vibrant arts and theater scene. However, it was also very important to these doctors to have access to state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, so we were careful to spend a good portion of the piece showing Covenant’s commitment to providing both their staff and their patients with the most modern equipment. This video was so well received, we would go on to produce similar videos for Covenant at some of their other facilities in the region.